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Nanny Time Bomb

The Nanny Time Bomb by Jacalyn Burke is essential reading for any parent who has a nanny or who is considering hiring one.


From your baby’s perspective, choosing the right nanny is probably the most important decision a parent can ever make: this book is about making the best possible choice.

Coming home to an abused, badly injured, or even deceased child is a parent’s most horrific, unimaginable scenario. And yet it happens: In 2012, two small children died while in the care of a nanny. The Nanny Time Bomb is the most accurate and comprehensive analysis of the current crisis in child care, offering case studies and practical advice to help parents make the most educated, well-informed decision when choosing a nanny for their child. The book takes the reader through various types of nannies—from graduates to undocumented workers—thus allowing parents to see how the industry has evolved far past schoolgirl babysitters.

Setting itself apart, Jacalyn S. Burke’s exploration of the different types of nannies offers a new perspective on child care not only for parents but also for those interested in larger sociological trends. This book gives a voice to the often-unheard grievances of nannies, showing why they may snap; explaining how to prevent tragedies; and describing how parenting has evolved. The author’s examination of current cultural and social trends will be useful for a wide readership beyond parents.

Jacalyn S. Burke is founder and owner of Baby Does NYC, a blog focused on events, products, and services for parents of 0–24 month-old children. She has been featured in The Daily News, NEWS12, and the Nanny News Network. Burke has worked among Manhattan’s nannies since 2004. In 2012, she began consulting as a child enrichment coach. Burke is a graduate of Middlesex University, London, UK.


  • Contains explosive new information about the child care industry
  • Analyzes the roles that race, immigration, gender, class, and culture play in child care practice
  • Offers parents a definitive guide to making the best child care choices
  • Presents a realistic picture of the child care industry today based on 10 years of direct, on-the-job experience



“As an insider, Jacalyn Burke dares to tell us things about nannies that we don’t usually hear: she reveals the feelings of exploitation and mutual resentment that can fuel inadequate and sometimes even abusive care. This is a story we need to listen to. It’s important not only for the sake of the children themselves, but also to society as a whole.” —Dr. Sue Gerhardt, Psychotherapist, Author of Why Love Matters and The Selfish Society



Street Marketing™


Marcel Saucet’s new book, Street Marketing™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz, just won the USA Best Business Book of 2015 in Marketing!

This compelling book shows companies new methods of marketing communication that will break through the noise created by the competition and allow them to differentiate their offerings and their brands.

Consumers see roughly 6,000 advertisements daily—30,000 brands per month. Marketing and advertising in saturated markets is tough. How can companies successfully differentiate their offerings and their brands? In Street Marketing™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz, Marcel Saucet answers this question by exposing readers to new forms of unconventional marketing. Intended for companies as well as marketing students, this is a guide to the vibrant future of marketing, where social media meets the street.

The advantages of applying the author’s Street Marketing methods include low cost, high impact, the ability to apply a personal approach, and genuine novelty of the messaging that garners the consumer’s attention. The book examines why conventional marketing is no longer enough to sell products and services, and explains how Street Marketing creatively promotes the brand in the street—via street art and street culture—that results in an innovative and cost-effective methodology to reach buyers. Readers will come away with a comprehension of the current crisis on conventional marketing and with the ability to conceptualize their own guerrilla marketing campaign in the street, at shopping malls, and other public places.


  • Thoroughly explains the compelling advantages of Street Marketing™, including low cost, high impact, and a personal approach that creates an emotional response
  • Explains the current crisis of conventional marketing in a brand society, identifies the need for non-conventional approaches for the emerging non-conventional market, and addresses the origins and definitions of non-conventional marketing approaches
  • Provides real-world examples of successful Street Marketing by major companies and organizations such as Heineken, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Mini (automobiles)
  • Written by an accomplished marketing consultant and business owner who has put his Street Marketing™ concepts and practices into action for well-known organizations and companies as diverse as Intel, Lancôme, Clarins, Microsoft, Sony, and the World Council of People at the United Nations


Street Marketing™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz shows how street and guerrilla marketing operations are carried on with different examples and illustrations. This book will make you think ‘out of the box’ and you will come up with some exceptional marketing ideas. These guerrilla and street marketing techniques helped us to grow as a globally recognized brand . . . as we were only a small brand name a year ago.”—Gregory Galy, President and CEO of Fig & Olive

Street Marketing™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz is the next generation communication tool in marketing a brand. I had the privilege to work with Marcel Saucet’s team in a successful campaign for Undiz on a ‘phygital’ project. We as a company learned a lot from this innovation in marketing. This book shows different ways to promote a brand without spending more money or resources.”—Sébastien Bismuth, Directeur Général, Undiz

“Do you want a buzz/viral advertising campaign that is low cost but efficient and effective? Then read Street Marketing™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz. This book shows you detailed analyses of various nontraditional marketing techniques that can be used to get your brand exposed to the market even if your budget is $1.00.”—Taryn Rose, CEO, Dresr.com


Street Marketing

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Dennis Henigan’s Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy

“[A]n outstanding survey recommended for any college-level or public library strong in social and legal issues.”
The Midwest Book Review, November 2009

“Of all the people who work for gun control organizations, Henigan is probably the most influential thinker. It was he who cooked up the batch of 1998-99 lawsuits by anti-gun mayors and trial lawyers against firearm manufacturers, wholesalers, stores, and trade associations. Ultimately, the suits failed to cripple the firearm industry, but they came close. Henigan is much more prescient than some of the other ‘intellectuals’ at gun control organizations in recognizing when a particular position has become untenable and needs to be abandoned. . . . Lethal Logic, although not an official book of the Brady Campaign, presents what will likely be the key talking points for gun control advocates and their media allies in the coming months and years.”
America’s 1st Freedom, October 2009

“Anyone interested in the intersection of culture, psychology, and commerce can find valuable lessons in Lethal Logic. . . Henigan’s insights into the marketing genius of the firearm industry are truly eye-opening. . . . Whatever your views on guns, their relationship to crime, and the meaning of the Second Amendment, Lethal Logic has something important to teach: A consistent, passionate message cultivates customer loyalty.”
— Editor’s Rating of Four Stars, Business Week, June 25, 2009

“Henigan effectively disarms the gun lobby’s arguments, fighting back with equal doses of common sense and uncommon insight. Lethal Logic will make it much tougher for spineless politicians in both parties to hide behind the NRA’s superficial slogans and rationality-defying spin. A must-read for every American who longs to bring sanity to our nation’s gun laws.”
— Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post

“No one knows more about our epidemic of gun violence and no one can state the case for sanity better than Dennis Henigan, who eviscerates the Orwellian myths through which the NRA justifies so much death. Henigan exposes how the gun lobby controlled one political party and intimidated the other. Lethal Logic is a bracing look at some very hard truths.”
— Richard North Patterson, author of Eclipse and Balance of Power

“Dennis Henigan has long been one of the nation’s leading thinkers on the gun violence issue. In Lethal Logic, he has given us a clear roadmap toward destruction of the ‘any gun, any time, any place’ arguments of the gun lobby. This book will save lives.”
— Sarah Brady, Honorary Chair, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

“Dennis Henigan has set out an insightful examination of the NRA’s impact on the nation’s gun debate. Lethal Logic offers a clear and thoughtful explanation of the methods and tactics used by the NRA to block common-sense gun laws and their effect on the political process.”
— U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)