Social and Political Issues

Praeger Politics and Current Affairs, 2017-2020

  • Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump (Hoeffel—Devlin)—2017
  • Hidden in Plain Sight (Mehlman-Orozco—Sturman)—2017 (human trafficking)
  • Reimagining Journalism (Madison and DeJarnette)—2018
  • Reinventing Japan (Fackler and Funabashi, eds.)—2018
  • Life after Foster Care (Jones)—2018
  • They Took the Kids Last Night (Redleaf)—2018 (child protective services)
  • China’s Grand Strategy (Kashmeri)—2019
  • If Einstein Ran the Schools (Amstrong)—2019
  • The American Way of Writing (Stark)—2019
  • Advancing the Common Good (Kotler)—2019
  • Beyond Liberalism (Briand)—2019
  • Crude Oil, Crude Money (Lippman)—2019
  • Saving the Electoral College (Hardaway)—2019
  • Police on a Pedestal (Carter)—2019
  • Ghost Guns (Tallman)—2020
  • Suffrage (Poulson)—2020