Business Books 2018 to 2020

The Artificial Intelligence Imperative

A Practical Roadmap for Business

(Praeger 2018)

by Anastassia Lauterbach and Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Foreword by Ian Bremmer

“If you want to learn all about AI—the conceptual, the practical, the applications, all in the context of governance—then you must read this book. Written with great clarity for everyone from board members and CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs and students.”—Hans Decker, CEO and Vice Chair, Siemens USA (retired), USA

Anastassia Lauterbach, PhD, is an international technology strategist, advisor, and entrepreneur. She is CEO and founder of 1AU-Ventures and trains boards in cyber security and cognitive/AI-related technologies and their links to corporate governance.

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, JD, PhD, is governance, ethics, and risk strategist and founder and CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, serving companies, NGOs, and governments. She teaches at several universities, is NACD governance faculty, and author of The Reputation Risk Handbook and Gloom to Boom: How Leaders Transform Risk into Resilience and Value.

Future-Ready Leadership

Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

(Praeger 2018)

by Chris R. Groscurth, PhD

Provides executive leadership teams with the information, tools, and advice they need to lead their organizations into the “future of work,” characterized by transformative, smart, and connected technologies already under way, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and automation.

Chris R. Groscurth, PhD, PCC, is a leadership and organizational effectiveness expert. For the past 20 years he has worked as a researcher and strategic advisor to leaders across healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, and education. In addition to his consulting work, Chris addresses thousands of leaders annually through speaking engagements and workshops. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions with Trinity Health and the University of Michigan. Chris received his doctorate in human communication processes from the University of Georgia and has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human communication studies from Western Michigan University.

Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace

Transgender and Gender-Diverse Discrimination

(Praeger 2018)

by Alison Ash Fogarty, PhD, and Lily Zheng

Gender Ambiguity provides many comprehensive narratives of transgender experience that anyone working with the trans community should read. By drawing upon the personal stories of trans people, Fogarty and Zheng are able to cleverly discuss the emergent implications of gender identity in the workplace. This book is perfect for everyone who is in business, education, or simply wants to know more about gender.”—Eli Erlick, Director, Trans Student Educational Resources

Alison Ash Fogarty, PhD, is a sociologist, sexual empowerment coach and educator, and the founder of Her work has been published in the American Journal of Sociology and Gender & Society. She earned her doctorate at Stanford University.

Lily Zheng is a design researcher with Stanford University’s Diversity and First-Generation Office. A writer and activist whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Psychology Today, and Stanford Politics, Zheng speaks around the world on topics of social justice, transgender inclusion, and sexuality. She earned her master’s degree in sociology at Stanford University.

Branding with Powerful Stories

The Villains, Victims, and Heroes Model

(Praeger 2018)

by Greg Stone

“Greg Stone understands that the most potent language is the language of story. In this trenchant work, he draws on a wealth of sources—from Bezos to Bogart to Lear to Degas—to construct a compelling guide to the storytelling arts. A must-read for anyone who seeks to engage, inspire, and persuade.”—Francis Flaherty, Former columnist and editor, New York Times, and author of The Elements of Story: Field Notes on Nonfiction Writing

Greg Stone is a highly sought after media strategist who began his career as a print and broadcast journalist. His professional honors include three Emmy nominations. He founded Stone Communications in 1989 and has since conducted media and presentation skills workshops for a broad range of clients, including Fidelity, Harvard Business School, IBM, Massachusetts General Hospital, Timberland, and the World Wide Web Consortium. He studied French, Italian, and German as an undergraduate, earning an AB with honors from Harvard University, followed by two master’s degrees from Columbia University in journalism and business. He is author of Artful Business: 50 Lessons from Creative Geniuses.

The Insightful Leader

Find Your Leadership Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs, and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

(Praeger 2018)

by Carlann Fergusson

“Leaders often hear they need to have deeper self-awareness but rarely has there been a book that so accurately charts a path of self-discovery. In The Insightful Leader, Carlann Fergusson systematically enables leaders to serve as their own executive coaches.”—Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Carlann Fergusson is an award-winning leadership change expert, a past corporate executive, a speaker, and founder of Propel Forward. She guides experienced leaders in becoming more insightful and strategic. Although a psychologist by education, she discovered her coaching and consulting methods while rising through the ranks of corporate leadership at Intel, Visteon, Press Ganey, and Meijer. In addition to assisting a variety of corporate and individual clients, Fergusson serves on the adjunct faculty for Northwestern University’s Leadership Certificate Program in Chicago. Her expertise has been cited in CBS MoneyWatch, International Business Times, Newsday, and the Boston Globe.

Transgender in the Workplace

The Complete Guide to the New Authenticity for Employers and Gender-Diverse Professionals

(Praeger 2018)

by Vanessa Sheridan
Foreword by Congressman Mike Quigley

Offering a fresh and practical perspective for employers and gender-diverse professionals, this book presents useful tools, information, and resources to help organizations and individuals to understand and leverage the power of gender authenticity as a pathway to business success.

Vanessa Sheridan is an expert business consultant, a respected author, an in-demand speaker on transgender workplace issues, a highly skilled transgender inclusion/awareness trainer who works with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies across the United States, and a leading national voice for transgender equality and gender authenticity. She is currently director of gender equity and inclusion at Chicago’s Center on Halsted, the most comprehensive LGBT community center in the Midwest.

The Business of Cannabis

New Policies for the New Marijuana Industry

(Praeger 2018)

by D. J. Summers

What happens when corporate culture takes over counterculture? This book explores the contradictions present within the cannabis industry from a business and policy perspective.

“This book is an essential primer on the current state of the marijuana industry. . . . There is huge potential in investing in cannabis as well as massive risk and uncertainty, and this book is an excellent aid in understanding the full picture that surrounds cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Colorado, Washington, and other states, cannabis is a hot topic. . . . [This] is a great book for any library but especially those in states that have legalized or are considering legalizing marijuana. Summing Up: Essential. Lower-division undergraduates through professionals.”—Choice

D. J. Summers is a freelance journalist covering developments in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Formerly he was a business and investigative reporter for the Alaska Journal of Commerce, covering Alaska’s recreational marijuana industry since it began in 2015. Summers earned his master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.


Future Jobs

Solving the Employment and Skills Crisis

(Praeger 2018)

by Edward E. Gordon

Bronze Medalist in Business, Independent Publisher Book Awards

A pervasive disconnect exists between the job/career culture and the present economic reality in America. This book offers powerful strategies for stemming the employment crisis and proposes comprehensive solutions for businesses, government, and job seekers alike.

Edward E. Gordon, PhD, is president of Imperial Consulting Corporation in Chicago, IL. His published works include Praeger’s The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis; FutureWork: The Revolution Reshaping American Business; and Literacy in America: Historic Journey and Contemporary Solutions. Gordon holds a doctorate in psychology and history from Loyola University Chicago.

Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization

(Praeger 2018)

by David S. Jacoby

Global trade is heading toward chaos. Globalization has in part been a zero-sum game over the last 20 years, as China’s middle and upper classes have grown sharply while Western economies have stagnated. Wealthy countries, most notably the United States and the United Kingdom, are now on the brink of abandoning free trade. Prevailing protectionist attitudes and policies are based on short-term thinking and will disappoint future generations.

According to author David S. Jacoby, a “new multilateralism” can provide a way out of this impending disaster by preserving innovation and growth while also curbing the impact of countries that manipulate currency, disparage the environment, and violate human rights.

David S. Jacoby, president of Boston Strategies International, is an economist, consultant, and trade policy adviser. He wrote The Economist Guide to Supply Chain Management and taught operations management at Boston University’s Graduate School of Business. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, a master’s in international business from The Lauder Institute, and a bachelor of science in finance and economics from the University of Pennsylvania.


The Wise Inheritor’s Guide to Freedom from Wealth

Making Family Wealth Work for You

(Praeger 2018)

by Charles A. Lowenhaupt

As a third-generation wealth counselor and industry leader, Charles A. Lowenhaupt has helped wealth creators and inheritors to manage almost every imaginable challenge, including marital tension, family dysfunction, and addiction. Few people actually have the knowledge and experience to figure out the purpose of wealth and set it on its course. In this book, he helps wealth inheritors to develop a healthy relationship with wealth at a young age, thus enabling readers to live in harmony with both their wealth and their families.

Charles A. Lowenhaupt is chairman and CEO of Lowenhaupt Global Advisors.

Peace of Mind for Your Aging Parents

A Financial, Legal, and Psychological Toolkit for Adult Children, Advisors, and Caregivers

(Praeger 2018)

by Kenneth O. Doyle, PhD, and Larry K. Houk, JD

“This book is more than just a financial toolkit; it is a brilliantly informed, humane, and thoroughly readable treatise on well-being for aging parents and those who care about them. I strongly recommend it for thoughtful persons of all ages as we prepare for the greatest generational transfer of wealth in history.”—Daniel Seymour Bowling III, Senior Lecturing Fellow, Duke Law School

Kenneth O. Doyle is a professor of mass communication at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, a licensed psychologist, and a retired financial planner. He holds a PhD in psychology from University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Larry K. Houk is a retired attorney who practiced law in Minnesota for four decades. For most of his career, his focus was estate planning and elder law. He received his law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis.

The Financial Rules for New College Graduates

Invest before Paying Off Debt—and Other Tips Your Professors Didn’t Teach You

(Praeger 2018)

by Michael C. Taylor

From financial expert Michael C. Taylor comes a proposed means by which to not only pull oneself out of debt but to start building wealth from the first day on the job: adoption of modesty, skepticism, and optimism. The Financial Rules for New College Graduates explains that by embodying modesty, the opposite of status-seeking ostentation; skepticism, the ability to recognize scams, false promises, and the hyperbole and short-sightedness of financial media; and optimism, the belief that financial security can be yours with little to no risk, anyone can attain financial security.

Michael C. Taylor sold bonds on Wall Street, founded and closed a private investment business, and dedicates himself to the mission of teaching, consulting, and writing about finance. He writes a weekly column for the San Antonio Express News and the Houston Chronicle and founded the finance blog