Praeger Finance, 2013-2020


  • The Credit Cleanup Book (Chen) —2014
  • Finance Is Personal (Stephenson and Hutchins) —2015
  • Financial Literacy for Millennials (Smith—Hutson)—2016 a best-seller on the list
  • Working with the Emotional Investor (White and Koonce—Bykofsky)—2016
  • The Emotional Life of Money (Cross)—2017
  • Breaking Money Silence (Kingsbury—Lizotte)—2017
  • Financial Nutrition for Young Women (Donohue)—2017
  • Peace of Mind for Your Aging Parents (Doyle and Houk)—2018
  • The Financial Rules for New College Graduates (Taylor—Rosenerg)
  • The Wise Inheritor’s Guide to Freedom from Wealth (Lowenhaupt—Karinch)—2018
  • Financial Literacy for Generation Z (Doyle)—2019
  • The Wealth Creator’s Playbook (Christianson)—2019


  • Financial, Commercial, and Mortgage Mathematics (Prakash and Ghosh) —2014
  • Effective Financial Management (McKinney) —2015
  • How American Can Spend Its Way Back to Greatness (Striner) —2015
  • Health Care Budgeting and Financial Management (Ward) —2015
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending and Equity Crowdfunding (Wales—Strong)—2017


  •  Bernard Madoff and His Accomplices (Lewis)—2016