Reference and Encyclopedias

Publisher: ABC-CLIO | Imprint: Greenwood

Series Launched: Student Guides to Business and Economics; Student Guides to American Government and Politics; Series Relaunched: Corporations That Changed the World

Student Guides to Business and Economics

Designed to engage learners at the high school and lower undergraduate levels, each volume in Greenwood’s Student Guides to Business and Economics series provides readers with a broad introduction to a foundational topic in economics, business, or finance. Accessibly written and drawing on historical and contemporary real-world examples, these books create a solid conceptual framework for students and allow them to contextualize important ideas, events, and issues. Beyond the classroom, this series helps young adults better understand and navigate the world around them. From exploring the importance of taxes to the workings of the stock market, from starting a budget to starting a business, the Student Guides to Business and Economics offer valuable knowledge in a concise, easy-to-read package.

  • Taxation (Dieterle)—2019
  • Stocks and Bonds (Knoop)—2019
  • The Global Economy (Dieterle)—2020

Student Guides to American Government and Politics

Each volume in the series provides an accessible and authoritative introduction to a distinct component of American governmental institutions and processes and shows how it pertains to America’s current political climate and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

  • The Congress (Malecha and Reagan)—2020
  • The Presidency (Han)—2020
  • The Supreme Court (Silverstein)—2021

Corporations That Changed the World

  • Uber (Perera and Albinsson)—2020
  • Netflix (Brimage)—2020


Many of the early titles were inherited from a previous editor, which means I worked with them during the development, production, and marketing stages as a facilitator; my acquisitions–books I signed up–are in bold.


  • Watchdogs and Whistleblowers (Brobeck and Mayer)—2015
  • The Great Society and the War on Poverty (Burch)—2017
  • The American Middle Class (Rycroft)—2017 (IPPY Award Winner 2018)
  • Poverty in the United States (Burch)—2018


  • Economic Thinkers (Dieterle) —2013
  • Government and the Economy (Dieterle and Simmons) —2014
  • Deciphering Economics (O’Connor)—2014
  • Real-World Decision Making (Altman)—2015 (Behavioral Economics encyclopedia)
  • American Economic History (Olson and Mendoza)—2015
  • Economics: The Definitive Encyclopedia from Theory to Practice 4V (Dieterle)—2017


  • Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia (Friedberg)—2015
  • Rogue Money and the Underground Economy (Edmunds)—2020


  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Whitehead and Haab) —2014
  • Water Rights and the Environment (Burch) —2015


  • The Social Media Revolution (Hanson)—2016


  • Business Scandals, Corruption, and Reform (Giroux) —2013


  • Bill Gates: A Biography (Becraft) —2014
  • Steve Jobs: A Biography (Becraft)—2016


  • How to Choose Your Major (Ghilani)—2017